About Us


We are a small husband and wife team dedicated to showcasing (and writing about) the funkiest phone cases from the most on point brands. Our mission is to make sure that YOU have the funnest, freshest and FUNKIEST phone case in your pocket!

Funky girl with blue hair

Erika is a Mexico City based stylist and self-confessed phone case fanatic. She´s been steadily building up her case collection ever since she got her hands on her first iPhone. Her husband reckons that she´s got more cases than clothes!

Erika´s the ´brains´ behind Phone Case Funk and is our in-house writer!


Tech guy fixing a computer (cartoon)

Rupert built this website and sorts out all the techy stuff! He´s also the editor-in-chief (Erika´s first language is Spanish).

He´d actually never used a phone case before he met his wife, but now admits that they do come in handy!

In his spare time he likes to walk his little dogs (a pug and a chihuahua) and read up on all things techy!